CNC Machine

May need to fabricate a few small parts, so worked briefly on reassembling the CNC machine. Too cold to work long though. On a completely unrelated note, also building an ukulele, and definitely need it up and running to cut some inlays.

Finished Wing Cradle

It was rainy before work this morning, so instead of jogging at 0600, I spent an hour or so cleaning up last night’s build work and cutting the carpet pieces to attach to the supports. I attached the carpet pieces to the supports, and tested them with my body weight. The leftover carpet is stored in the Onex parts cabinet. There is enough left to replace 3 pieces of the 67″ x 6″ carpet supports, as well as a larger left over piece not cut to length. At that point I moved the wings onto the cradle. I feel much better with them off the floor. It’s also nice to reclaim the floor space. Now I just need a better place to store the ailerons and flaps than the table they are perched on. I supposed that would be installing them on the finished wings, lol…. Now I need to decide how to proceed…finish the fuselage clecos? Mount the canopy? Finish the wings? Not sure yet, so I will audit plans this weekend and try to determine what to do next. Since this weekend is our annual airpark HOA meeting and fly-in, probably not much build work this weekend. Next weekend I will traveling on the official EAA build night for the project, so not much progress over the next 10 days expected.